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Yoga Alliance International(YAI) is an organization devoted to nurturing authentic Yoga traditions througout the world.Its offers internationally recognised certification to Yoga schools and teachers, acknowledging their aptitudes at spreading the awareness about yoga and the genuine values of the discipline as part of a balanced living. Yoga Alliance Singapore, in addition to offering a banner under which Yoga Centres and Yoga teachers throughout the Singapore region can get together, also offers professional, certified Yoga Teachers Training Courses. Annual conferences are organized in the region in order to provide Yoga teachers and Centres with a forum where they can express themselves.

Become Certified Yoga School

Yoga Schools certified by us are authorized to use the initials "CYS" (Certified Yoga Teacher) after their name.Increase your visibility - you will be featured on our web-site with contact, education and experience details making it easier for potential students in your area to contact you.

Become Certified Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teachers certified by us are authorized to use the initials "CYT" (Certified Yoga Teacher) after their name.We issue logos for enrolled teachers to use in their resumes, advertising and business endeavors.

Become Online Ttc School/Teacher

If you are already a Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga School (CYS), you may register online teacher trainings with us under the same conditions as other teacher trainings. Please contact us for more information:

Why Yoga Alliance International Membership?

Benifites of Yoga Alliance International Membership

Enjoy a lifetime membership, without any annual subscription fees

Feel free to set up certified teacher trainings anywhere in the world

Share the authentic values of yoga with your students and introduce them to a trustworthy community.


Offer worldwide certification to your students and encourage their progress.

Be part of a trustworthy community dedicated to fostering the authentic values of Yoga.

Get our support anytime, anywhere, we are always available to guide you.

Latest News


World Yoga Federation

YAI has tied-up with World Yoga Federation (WYF), based in New Zealand. WYF has been set up primarily to offer Certification to Yoga schools in the USA, and other areas. For further details, Directors / owners of all YAI-certified schools, and interested teachers are invited to contact :
email :

On-line classes

In view of the current crisis, YAI is pleased to announce that our certified schools are free to conduct on-line TTC classes. YAI will support such initiatives and Certificates will be made available. Certified Schools/Teachers who are interested in conducting on-line TTC courses under the YAI banner are requested to contact us by email at