Yoga Teachers may enter Yoga Alliance International’s network of Yoga professionals and become Certified Yoga Teachers (CYT®) when their qualifications, learning and teaching experience meet our international standards. Yoga Teachers from around the world may apply for Yoga Alliance International certification, all applications will be examined. Once you are part of Yoga Alliance International’s network of certified teachers you have entered a community of like-minded people dedicated to fostering the dissemination of the right yogic knowledge and practices.


CYT® Benefits

  • Free yourself from frontiers with an international yoga teacher certificate
  • Officially establish yourself as a qualified yoga teacher
  • Apply for Yoga teacher’s positions anywhere in the world
  • Take the first steps towards setting up your own structure.
  • Invitations to community events and meet-ups that Yoga Alliance attends or hosts in your area.
  • Be part of a trustworthy and supporting community dedicated to fostering the authentic values of Yoga.
  • Several levels of certification from instructor to International Yoga Master, we make sure you get the certification level that really matches your qualifications.
  • Continuing Professional Development program for those who have a substantial experience in the field of Yoga but never got their background officially endorsed.
  • We support your creative potential and are available to guide you anytime.

Affilation Fees

Once your application is approved, we will provide you all necessary details for the payment of your school's certification fees, it is a lifetime membership that doesn't require the payment of any annual fees. We will email you the digital copy of the certificate and mail the official hard copy within a couple of weeks.

Certification Process

  • Review the Certified Yoga Schools’ Standards and Code of Conduct CLICK HERE
  • Fill up the individual application form. CLICK HERE
  • We will examine your application and get in touch with you within a couple of days to suggest an online interview to finalize the procedure.
  • Note : If you have completed a TTC from a YAI-certified school, you will usually get your YAI-Certificate from your school. If your school doesn’t give you one you can use the CERTIFICATION FOR INDIVIDUAL TEACHERS form. If you have completed your TTC from a non-YAI certified school, but want to be part of our network, use the same form